Applying for a Position

How to Apply for a Job with Animals

You will usually be competing with plenty of other animal lovers when applying for a job with animals. Give yourself the best possible chance.

  • Provide a well written cover letter. Employers will in particular be looking for applicants who have a history of caring for animals in the past. If you have no experience working with animals, mention any pets you have owned or lived with and write about why you are interested in the position. Try not to look too desperate, but let the employer understand why you are excited at the possibility of winning the role.
  • Keep your Resume relevant. Think about what the role actually involves and only provide relevant details. If there are any gaps in your resume, include the reason (eg Jan 2002 – Dec 2002 “Took a year off to travel”).
  • Always ask a third party to check your Resume and cover letter for you. Preferably someone who is not afraid of offending you by recommending changes. It is always easier to spot someone else’s mistakes.
  • First impressions are always important, so make sure you are on time and well presented when you meet your prospective employer for the first time.

A little bit of effort in your application can make a big difference.