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Bear in mind that some pet shops are more ethical than others.  As an animal lover, you’ll probably want to pick a pet shop whose owners are interested in animal welfare. Most of the cute little puppies and kittens that you see in some pet shops are sourced from places like puppy farms, which are often known to treat the animals badly.  By offering them for sale, pet shops are encouraging these farms to continue breeding more animals.

Awareness of this issue is increasing and some pet shops are now offering animal adoptions instead, helping to reduce the number of unwanted pets put to sleep each year. Its great that some pet shops are determined to be part of the solution instead of adding to the problem.  Pet Barn for example has over 90 adoption centres and claims to have saved over 20000 lives.

Some of the larger pet shop businesses advertise positions on their websites. You could try Pet Stock and Pet Barn.  Arm yourself with your resume and approach local pet shops directly, in person. Ask to speak to the manager when enquiring about vacancies.  You are most likely to succeed if you across as a calm, confident and responsible pet lover.

If you are interested in buying a pet shop, try Business for Sale.

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